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Pool design in san diego

At Extreme Swimming Pools, our team makes your dream pool a reality. The steps are simple. We walk you through an easy, enjoyable process that ends in your customized pool design. As a family-owned business, it’s what we’ve been doing for over 30 years.

5 Steps to Get Your Custom Pool Design in San Diego & North County

We’ve honed the steps for beautiful pool design and execution. Whether you’re in central San Diego or a North County town like Oceanside or Encinitas, here it is, from A to Z.


First, give us a call.

Tell us what you’re looking for.

(760) 681-8019


We’ll schedule a home visit. It’s a free consultation where we’ll survey and measure your backyard.


Our experts create a full-scale pool design drawing. This includes the pool and any additional features.

Additional features include: Hardscape (”hard” pool design elements like concrete), Softscape (like the plants, ground cover and trees), the Patio (with patio furniture as desired).


We can do more than just a drawing. Our team will paint out the pool design in your physical backyard. This visual aid helps you better understand the end product.


Next, we move onto engineering and the actual pool construction.

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Our Creed: Professional In-House Pool Design for San Diego Homes

We are going to be honest with you: Many companies doing pool design in San Diego outsource a lot of the work to various sub-contractors. That’s not how we work.

Here at Extreme Swimming Pools, we’re passionate about keeping work in-house. When you hire us for pool design, almost every task is handled by our team members.

Typically, the crew doing the pool design will use that knowledge for the pool construction. This helps you get the most cohesive experience. It’s how the owner, Anthony, was taught by his father, who began doing pool design in the 1970s.

What to Expect From Our Pool “Design Build” Team

No matter what type of pool you desire, we are your one-stop firm for a full pool design build. Some of our design specialties include:

  • Perimeter flows
  • Lagoon style
  • Infinity pools
  • Freestanding pools
  • Caisson pools
  • Modern style pools
  • Pool with waterfalls
  • Creating an authentic look and feel (It’s why we use all natural rock. No faux rock here.)

Get a FREE Quote for Pool Design

Once the design has been approved, we can provide the most accurate quote and timeline for pool construction. That leads us to the next step: Our pool construction in San Diego. Call us today to get started or learn more about pool construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of pools that can be custom designed?

There are various types of pools that can be custom designed, including concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools. Concrete pools are the most customizable, allowing for any size, shape, and depth, while vinyl and fiberglass pools come in pre-made shapes but can still be customized with added features.

How long does the custom pool design process take?

The custom pool design process can take several weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the design and how long it takes to obtain permits and approvals.

Can I incorporate additional features into my custom pool design, such as waterfalls or slides?

Yes, custom pool designs can include a wide range of additional features, such as waterfalls, slides, spas, lighting, and landscaping.

What kind of maintenance will my custom pool require?

All pools require regular maintenance, including cleaning, chemical balancing, and filter maintenance. The specific maintenance required for a custom pool will depend on the materials used and any added features.

How long will my custom pool last?

The lifespan of a custom pool will depend on factors such as the materials used, maintenance practices, and climate. On average, a well-maintained custom pool can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years or more.

How much does it typically cost to custom-design a pool?

The cost of custom pool design varies widely based on factors such as size, shape, materials used, added features, and location. On average, custom pools can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 or more.